Ms. Mary Rielly » Second Grade

Second Grade

Mary Rielly, a native of Los Angeles, enthusiastically joins the SMCES community having recently graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Urban Education.  It is at Santa Clara where Mary’s passion for educating children and her commitment to social justice was nurtured.

Mary attended St. Brendan School and Marlborough School before landing at Santa Clara University.  Mary is the second of four children.

“Teaching, while challenging me each and every moment of the day, has brought me such happiness!” Mary’s goal as an educator is to provide a safe space for all students, as well as to foster a love of learning, creativity, and community. “I am thrilled to be teaching at a Catholic elementary school.  I am looking forward to incorporating Catholic philosophy into educating children.”

When Mary is not in the classroom she enjoys spending time with her family and dear friends.  She enjoys the beach, the mountains, her two mischievous dogs, Soulcycle, running, walking, surfing, skiing, and laughing.