Jennifer Santiesteban is excited and eager to start her sixth year in the St. Monica Community! She received her B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida along with a reading and ESOL endorsement on her teaching license. As a Credentialed California teacher, her experience has been both in the private and public school system, which includes the teaching of  multiple grade levels in her years as a teacher.

Mrs. Santiesteban  believes that one of the most valuable pillars of an education is the act of sparking a love for reading in every student as it is the gateway to success in all other areas. In addition, empowering students with information and applying a growth learning mindset culture in the classroom will cultivate lifelong learners. She is also a firm believer that a classroom full of curiosity, academic conversation, and movement is the ideal environment for students to learn. 

A New Jersey native, Mrs. Santiesteban enjoys cooking, the outdoors, spending time with her husband and her 1 year old daughter, as well as going snowboarding during the winter months.