Rowena David grew up in the city of Los Angeles. As an alumnus of Catholic schools, Mrs. David is a firm believer that Catholic education is an advantage for life. After graduating from Notre Dame Academy, she earned her Bachelor's degree in English Literature at Seattle University. During her undergraduate studies, Campus Ministry was an integral part of her faith journey. It provided opportunities for retreat experiences and immersion trips to Mexico and Ecuador.
Inspired by the Jesuit motto "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam," Mrs. David joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. She moved to Montana and worked on the Crow Indian Reservation, teaching young children. This experience affirmed her desire to work with students and to fulfill that work for the greater glory of God.
Following a year as a Jesuit Volunteer, Mrs. David served as a third-grade teacher and Religion Coordinator at St. Mary School in Palmdale. She completed the Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers (CAST) program at Loyola Marymount University and received a Master's degree in Elementary Education and a California Teaching Credential.
While she is not teaching, Mrs. David enjoys spending time with her husband and children, traveling, watching basketball, and visiting Disneyland.