Mrs. Filomena Campbell » Second Grade Instructional Aide

Second Grade Instructional Aide

Mrs. Filomena Campbell was born and raised in a small town near Naples, Italy. Her father strongly believed that both an education and learning a trade were equally important, so she learned dressmaking and fashion design while pursuing her education. Mrs. Campbell discovered that she had a talent for languages. She studied Italian, French, Latin and Spanish. She wanted to learn English and learn about the American culture. So as a teenager her parents encouraged her to come to America to do just that. Her intention was to eventually return to Italy and teach English, but God had other plans for Mrs. Campbell.

Mrs. Campbell's first year in the United States was very difficult because she spoke no English, but due to her language talents and perseverance she became fluent in English by the end of that year. She completed high school at Santa Monica High and received her A.A. degree from Santa Monica College. During this time, Mrs. Campbell met and married her husband, Jack, and started a family. America was now her home!

Before joining the St. Monica Catholic Elementary School community, Mrs. Campbell worked in the dressmaking industry for three years and then switched to the banking industry where she had a very successful five year career. An opportunity opened for her to become a member of SMCES. First, she worked in the library and then became an instructional aide. Mrs. Campbell is currently the Second Grade instructional aide.

Mrs. Campbell has many hobbies. Among her top favorites are: traveling, ballroom dancing, cooking, gardening, crocheting, and taking long walks on the beach. Mrs. Campbell has many inspiring quotes that she tries to live by. Two of her favorites are from John Wooden, the famous UCLA Basketball coach “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” and “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

Mrs. Campbell wanted a gentle and friendly place to work and, therefore, chose St. Monica Catholic Elementary School as that place. She has been here for 30 years. Mrs. Campbell feels truly honored and blessed to be a member of the SMCES community.