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Student Absence Policy

August 30, 2021

Student Absence Policy


Dear SMCES Community - We understand students will be absent for any number of reasons that are not COVID related. Report all absences to bria[email protected] and cc your child’s teacher(s).


If your child is showing any of the symptoms below, please keep them home. You will be required to return to school with a negative COVID test.

• Fever or chills • Cough

• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

• Fatigue

• Muscle or body aches

• Headache

• New loss of taste or smell

• Sore throat

• Congestion or runny nose

• Nausea or vomiting

• Diarrhea


Please be especially mindful to monitor siblings for similar symptoms and keep children distanced as much as possible.


Monday/Tuesday Absences: If your child is absent on a Monday and/or Tuesday for any reason, they are still required to participate in our weekly COVID testing.


For a Monday only absence: You may come to the front office Monday to pick up the test kit, or you may come to the front office with your child between 7:30-8:00am Tuesday morning to administer the test.


For a Tuesday only absence: You may return your child’s completed COVID test to the front office by 11:30am. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to return to school with a negative COVID test result.


For a Monday AND Tuesday absence: It is your responsibility to return your child to school with a negative COVID test result. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.



Neil Quinly