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President's Message


Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to explore St. Monica Catholic Schools. I am eager for you to learn more about our outstanding schools and our work in preparing young people for success in elementary school, high school, college and beyond. We are a close-knit Catholic community that has the unique benefit of a vibrant, dynamic parish on site. Our schools are graced with the leadership of a pastor who places Catholic education at the top of his priorities and is committed to the quality faith-formation of those he shepherds – the parishioners, staff, parents and students of this extensive community.

Though our schools are guided by two separate administrations, our faith, educational and civic priorities are shared. We provide an environment in which students thrive in the development of their faith; explore all areas of learning and develop an eagerness and aptitude for academic discovery; and value the importance of service to church, community and one another. I can personally attest to the meaningful ways this community touches the lives of young people as I have been involved in the parish and worked at the high school (as teacher, administrator and principal) for over 20 years and served as president of both our elementary and high schools for the past four years.

I am especially excited to serve our schools during this time, as our students are beneficiaries of an extensive master-site renovation. Our community completed a 28-million-dollar capital campaign which involved new structures for our parish and schools: a parking structure for teachers, students, and parents; a renovated gymnasium which encourages even more school spirit; a new child and student center which primarily addresses the curricular and co-curricular needs of our elementary school population; and a new and a renovated courtyard/play area which provides some much-needed green space for our students to play and enjoy the almost-perfect weather Santa Monica has to offer.  While we are proud of our accomplishments, we are always working to improve and extend our resources wherever possible.  We hope to enter the next phase of improvements with renovations to some of our existing campus buildings, including the lower gymnasium to provide athletes with a facility that will better assist them in reaching their athletic potential. 

I am privileged to be part of a community that, while steeped in tradition and timeless values, thrives on change, embraces opportunity, and provides a learning environment for students that gives them the tools to adapt, engage, lead, and serve. I encourage you to learn more about our schools by exploring our websites, dialoguing with parents, students, staff and community members or by arranging a visit. You can also read more about our work by reading my latest posts to the right or by following me on twitter @CaptainGasper .

God Bless,

Thom Gasper


St. Monica Catholic Schools

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