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Student Success Team

What is the Student Success Team?  

The Student Success Team (SST) works with students who may be struggling academically, with behavioral or emotional issues, and/or who have a diagnosed learning or other disability.  Support is provided during the school day, and meetings generally last 30 minutes to an hour. Students may visit the resource room individually or in a small group, and/or meet one on one for counseling, which allows them to receive additional support that can help them succeed in the classroom. 


Who is a part of the SST?

The SST is a collaborative team of educational professionals, including classroom  teachers, the SST/ Resource teacher, a School Psychologist Intern, and administrators. We believe all of our faithful learners can achieve success if provided with the appropriate resources and support tailored to their unique needs. 


Please let us know if we can be helpful or if you have any questions!


SST/Resource Teacher: Meg Koerber