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Video Message about "A Seahawk Halloween"

Imagine the entire schoolyard decorated to the nines in Halloween and Fall fashion. Carnival games, activity booths, food, and drinks available throughout the main area as well as an exclusive parent-only Oktoberfest Beer/Wine Garden. We’ll have a dance floor with a DJ spinning spooky tunes while weaved around the yard will be 10 Candy Pavilions, decorated by each class for the kids to enjoy trick-or-treating with their schoolmates, spooky experiences and more. Are you beginning to get a spooky glimpse? Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

St. Monica on the Journey - Feast of St. Monica

Join the whole community to kick off the Feast of St. Monica weekend with Food Truck Night. In the school yard we will have several tasty dining options available for purchase, St. Monica's talented singers will put on a concert, and all can enjoy an evening of fellowship, food and entertainment under the Santa Monica stars.

Looking Back on 8th Grade

Our 8th Grader’s concluded their Middle School journey being tasked with a unique project. As a part of their religion class they explored the importance of good habits and the seven sins that hinder Christian happiness and growth. For this final project, they were asked to create a song/rap and music video that demonstrates their understanding of the virtues and sins. The music video and song needed to included both the seven virtues and the seven deadly sins . Click here to learn more about virtues and sins as created by our graduating Seahawks, Pastor Award Recipient Luke G. and Discipleship Award Recipient Elijah S. 8th Grade Video on Virtues and Sins

Living Classroom

Do you know the best time to fly a kite? Our 6th grade Earth Science class does. They studied a unit on weather and the causes of wind, learning about convection currents which are responsible for the winds that are common along the beach this time of year. Our capable 6th graders can explain how and why these winds form. This project culminated with a 7 block walk to the beach to put their knowledge into practice.
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