Interested in SMCES Athletics? Subscribe to the athletics calendar now!

Here's how to always know what's going on with the school athletics.  On your mobile device open the SMCES website: locate the calendar on the homepage. Scroll down to Show All Events and click. The calendar will open up as a column with each event showing. To get the Athletics events, check the Athletics box. The calendar will show all the games and practices. On the upper right corner, you will see a calendar view, and above that view, you will see the option to print, see a year overview, or subscribe. Click subscribe, and there will be a drop-down menu of the different calendar versions, iCal, Outlook 2007+, Google Calendar, Download.ICS. Choose the calendar for your mobile device. That's how easy it is. You will always know what's happening with SMCES Athletics. For more information contact Kim Tuverson