Fire and Air Quality Update

Dear SMCES Community -


At 11:00am the administrative team of SMCHS and SMCES met and decided that we would stay in school for the remainder of today, with the students inside for all breaks and lunch periods. We received a donation of dust masks from St. John’s which we provided for student use. As we messaged earlier, games and practices are cancelled today.


If you would like to pick up your child early today, please do so by contacting Mrs. Auer. Otherwise, please pick up your child promptly at 3:05pm today, as children are not allowed to be outside after school. Adeste will continue as usual.


Our 3:05pm dismissal will be conducted from the classrooms, so please park your car and enter the school from 7th Street or the playground and go to your child’s classroom.


The administrative team will meet again at 6:00pm tonight to determine possible actions for tomorrow. We will keep you informed. You may also check our social media feed for updates.  


Thank You,

Neil Quinly