Technology use at SMCES has reached new heights!

In kindergarten, technology is integrated into whole-group modeled lessons on how to use Internet Explorer and Google. Together with Mrs. Sapien, students have researched a variety of topics. Some examples include: the pope, the president, the White House, animals, matter/science, plant life cycle, and pumpkins.


 In 7th and 8th grade, Miss Hartstein uses Schoology (a learning management system), which allows her to give quizzes, grade them, and give feedback. It allows students to view their quiz with the teacher’s feedback and because it’s online, Miss Hartstein can keep a copy of their work. Having a portfolio of each student's work, that can be accessed at any time, helps teacher and student work together and monitor individual progress.

Miss Hackney’s 5th grade class has implemented Class Dojo as a daily behavior and work habits monitoring tool. It is updated 2-3 times each school day. Parents are linked in to the app and can review Class Dojo activity daily.

The 8th grade U.S. History class is studying the Constitution. They are focusing on the Bill of Rights and after discussing the first 10 Amendments, students created videos explaining these rights in their own words, in scenarios they created. In Mrs. Sessarego’s words, “The results were awesome! Students used their creativity and did a really nice job explaining the Bill of Rights!”


Students are successfully using Mathletics in 6th grade. It has allowed Miss Eason to match assignments to the curriculum in a timelier manner this year. Students are really enjoying this tool and are more excited about learning math. They are actively using Mathletics in their free time, evenings, and weekends. Last week, 31 of her students earned awards, and this week 32 students: a marked improvement from last year’s class.  Most importantly, the immediate results help Miss Eason work with small groups to differentiate instruction based on students’ needs.