4th & 5th Grades take a "Walk Through History"

On Wednesday, April 9, SMCES’s Fifth Graders participated in A Walk Through the American Revolution. This unforgettable in-school field trip has become a much-anticipated tradition for our Fifth Grade class. The program is an engaging and interactive educational presentation of our history curriculum through the use of literacy and the arts.

It is designed to allow students to actively participate in a lively retelling of our nation’s beginnings. After three weeks of intense preparation, the Fifth Graders were guided through a 2.5-hour period wherein the historical events of the American Revolution using games, music, reenactments, and storytelling to make history come alive.

 The Fourth Grade students had the opportunity to participate in A Walk Through History.  It was an exciting, interactive field trip that involved the understanding and comprehension of California History.  Students came dressed as inhabitants of the state of California during the state’s early period in history, before it was admitted into the United States.  As part of their involvement in the presentation, the students needed to be knowledgeable “Word Experts” on information and questions involving their state’s history and geography.  This production created an experience for the students to strengthen their learning skills and review their understanding of the Fourth Grade Curriculum and Common Core State Standards in the area of Social Studies.  It was a great event and the Fourth graders had a wonderful time!