Christian Service Explored

For well over three decades, St. Joseph Center has been a beacon of hope in the community. Their mission is to provide working poor families, as well as homeless men, women, and children of all ages with the inner resources and tools to become productive, stable and self-supporting members of the community. Respect for the dignity of each person is the cornerstone of St. Joseph Center’s approach. Their staff and volunteers make every effort to provide a welcoming, safe place where all people are treated with compassion and dignity.

Our students had a wonderful experience getting a cooking demonstration from Chef Derek on how to make gourmet quesadillas. He combined his cooking expertise with a food science lesson, and most importantly, he spoke to the students about the mission and vision of the St. Joseph Center and how it is aligned with our call as Catholics to be people of service and justice, living the gospel at all times. Monsignor Lloyd and Dr. McCardle joined us for the field trip, which also had us seeing the Food Pantry and the Bread and Roses Café. We all walked away from this trip with a resolve to become more active participants in our community, providing service to the least of our brothers and sisters and upholding their God-given dignity.