4th Grade Mission Projects

trips, projects, reading and
writing, video clips, and
on-line resources are used 
to bring this ancient part
 of California and Catholic history into the present day. Our class recently completed their mission studies and projects, and these are just some of the information
they learned!

Did you know?

1. La Purisima Mission is the only mission that is in a linear shape instead of a quadrangle.
2. San Luis Obispo Mission is the only mission built in a “L” shape.
3. San Luis Rey Mission has the oldest pepper tree in California and the mission is called the King of the Missions, maybe because it is the largest.
4. The San Gabriel Mission has an adobe museum that was built in 1812 and was used for book storage and sleeping rooms.
5. Mission San Juan Capistrano was damaged by an 1812 earthquake and it was never fully rebuilt or restored.
6. Mission Santa Clara de Asís was destroyed and rebuilt six times!
7. Mission San Antonio de Padua taught the local Salinan Indians how to speak Spanish and about Christianity.
8. Mission Santa Cruz takes its name from the Spanish, Holy Cross.
9. In the front of San Buena Ventura Mission there is a triangle that represents the Holy Trinity.