The 6th Grade at McCabe's

All it took was an e-mail from Tracy at McCabe’s last October, inviting us back to a “musical visit,” and some maneuvering with schedules to make this one of the preferred field trip destinations at SMCES.

 Here, the students recount their visit:

“We saw a lot of instruments from foreign countries, the McCabe’s people played many of them and passed them around. We saw some really rare instruments, one was the jawbone of a donkey that was used as a percussion instrument. We played an instrument made out of an armadillo shell! My favorite was that we got to play an electric guitar, plugged into an amp. It was really fun because I have always been interested in music, especially guitars. When the McCabe’s musicians played the guitars I was really inspired to learn. We had a chance to play the bongos, the harp, cello, bass, ukulele, sitar, mandolin, acoustic guitars, and more. An instrument that was shaped like a big triangle that was played like a violin; a clay jar made a deep sound like the water when it was hit on the side; and the “Gassinator” (an instrument made from a gas can) were some the oddest we saw!”