SMCES Decathlon Team

This event draws over 100 Catholic elementary schools from across the Archdiocese and places over 1,000 students in competitive testing in 2 team events - a 5 subject Super Quiz, and a Logic Quiz; and in 8 individual tests that cover Math, Social Studies, Current Events, Fine Arts, English, Literature, Science, and Religion.

 This is only the 3rd year that SMCES students will participate, and their excitement is palpable. They are dedicating over 50 hours of group study time after school and on some Saturdays, as well as countless hours of individual study time in their chosen subjects.

 In just a few short years, SMCES students have proudly placed in the top 10 in both Social Studies and Math. This is quite an accomplishment for a “new school” that is still learning how to navigate the intense preparation for this rigorous but fun competition.

 Our starting Decathletes this year are: A. Ocko Michalak, Fine Arts; L. Tran, Literature; L. Carillo Religion; T. Silerio, Science; L. Mansoor, Current Events; C. Preuss, Math; E. Lunetta, English; J.Smith, Social Studies; A.Clark and N. Healy round out the team of 10 and are anchors for the Logic Quiz and Super Quiz.

 Our understudies for the individual tests, Logic Quiz, and Super Quiz are: L. Johnstone, A.Holt, B. Segovia, S.Zapatero, P.Yoodee, J.Yacoub, S.Lapidus, B.Yankey, and J.Boys.

 Please join in the congratulations of all these students who are going the extra mile to represent SMCES proudly and pray for a successful Decathlon experience for them.

 If you would like more information on the SMCES team or the event itself, please contact Dr. Neil Quinly at