The ambassadors help at our Open Houses by meeting and greeting prospective parents, directing them to meeting rooms and classrooms, and most importantly by speaking about their school experiences in a very authentic and positive way. 
Research shows that parents who are looking at the fit of a school for their child’s needs first want to hear from the students of the school, then the parents, and thirdly from the teachers…and yes, bringing up the rear are the administrators!

Our Seahawk ambassadors also positively represent themselves and our school each day in their actions, attitudes, behaviors, and accomplishments. These students are willing and able to serve their school community after a rigorous selection process. The prospective Ambassador must fill out a questionnaire, go through an interview 
process, and be able to articulate in writing and in public speaking why they would be a good choice as an Ambassador. 
We are very proud of them and we offer our gratitude and congratulations to this year’s Seahawk Ambassadors:
A.Clark, P.Cohoe, G.Gasper, E.Lunetta, A.Gati, T.Gray, D.McGill, C.Graff , A.OckoMichalak, J.Tully, K.Paris, Y.Rose, T.Wilkes, S.Zapatero, C.Preuss, E.Suh, J.Smith, N.Zecchini, A.Perez, S.Sowa