Please join us in this important effort to ensure maximum safety for all students.

We would like to address three traffic behaviors and patterns we are witnessing

1. Double Parking to Drop Off Your Student

This is a concern on 7t h Street in front of the main school entrance. Parents are stopping their cars and either sending children out on their own or assisting children out of their car. Parents are walking students to the door leaving vehicles unoccupied in the street.

2. “Quickly” Stopping at Corners or in Crosswalks Across from the School to Drop Off Your Student
This is a concern at the intersection of 7t h and California. Parents are stopping their cars in the right-hand turn lane of northbound 7t h Street to drop off children. Cars driving behind the stopped cars often go around them to turn right, not realizing a child has emerged from their car. Cars are also stopping in the crosswalk to drop off students.

3. RushingThroughCrosswalksWhenTheyareOccupiedByPedestrians
This is a concern on California and Lincoln intersection. We understand there are many right and left turners trying to get in the drop-off/ pick-up queue. We have observed vehicles turning into the crosswalk to beat other traffic or stopped in the crosswalk.

We would also like to offer options to correct the above.

1. Use a Pedestrian Entry
This is our strongest and safest recommendation.

  • ●  Park in the garage and walk with your student on to campus

  • ●  Park nearby and walk your student into the school

o Metered parking is available all around Reed Park and on Wilshire
o Street parking is available north, east, and west of the school block. Note no-parking times for

street cleaning.

2. Use the supervised Drop-Off and Pick-Up Driveway Service
During the designated times, SMCES staff members are on duty to usher students to and from cars and to assist with pedestrian traffic near the driveway.