Employment Opportunities » Dean of Experiential Learning for the 2022-23 School Year

Dean of Experiential Learning for the 2022-23 School Year

Dean of Experiential Learning for the 2022-23 School Year
Saint Monica Preparatory (formerly St. Monica Elementary School and St. Monica High School) Santa Monica, Ca
Job Overview

The Experiential Learning Dean serves as a key member of SMPrep’s TK- 12 organizational leadership team, supporting school leaders in organizational priorities, goals, culture, Mission, and Vision. The Dean must bring substantial, innovative ideas that challenge and inspire both teachers and students to see the world as a classroom, to rethink and reimagine how learning takes place and their role in the process of learning. This position calls for a passionate, energetic individual who is comfortable working in a dynamic collaborative environment. This person must have a strong desire to work with community stakeholders in order to expand our students’ learning experience so they can make connections between the local and global communities.

Core Competencies

● Committed to building an inclusive learning environment.
● Ability to provide positive and inspirational leadership.
● Ability to be innovative and creative.
● Ability to manage change.
● Ability to provide professional services to both internal and external customers in a
collaborative/team environment.
● Ability to objectively observe, coach, and mentor.
● Excellent communication and conferencing skills when working with both internal
(students, parents, colleagues) and external customers (collaborating schools,

Professional Responsibilities

● Coordinate campus programs to promote student involvement to expand the learning
experiences in the classroom
● Collaborate with Academy Deans and staff to facilitate, co-design and co-develop
sustainable experiential learning experiences for students.
● Build and manage relationships with community stakeholders, local businesses,
universities and other potential collaborators to support program goals
● Actively participate and contribute innovative ideas to the administrative curriculum
planning committee.
● Create experiential learning opportunities (e.g. internships, employment) for students
through community outreach and business partnerships.
● Recommend and oversee a 5-year experiential learning budget.
● Evaluate, design, and monitor policies to promote DEI in the Experiential Learning
● Provide support and technical assistance to involved partners.
● Enhance parent involvement by working with the administration, guidance, and teaching
● Align curriculum to ensure integration of academic and technical education with
21st-century skills.
● Collaborate with the Director of Marketing to promote the Experiential Learning
● Lead the development and implementation of strategies to secure local, national, and
international learning opportunities for students
● Collaborate with partner organizations to create and implement program agreements
that support the growth of our students and ensure the ongoing success of the program
● Plan events to increase student exposure to experiential learning opportunities within a
Tk - 12 school model.
● Manage logistics including budgeting, ordering, event communications (internal and
external), recruitment, and volunteer management prior to and through the day of the
● A bachelor’s degree,
● Three years minimum directly related experience in the area of program specialization
● Candidates must demonstrate an ability to work in a team environment
● Experience building programs and curricula
Start Date
Compensation and benefits are competitive, based on education and experience, and aligned with LA Archdiocese guidelines.
Contact Search Committee
Phone: (310) 394-3701
Fax: (310) 458-1353
1011 7th St., Santa Monica, CA 90403